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Bangkok Flowers Delivery Reviews






Product: AF1037 Sweet Love
Posted By: Neil
Having never used a Thai website before, I was a little unsure of using a company I was unfamiliar with. However, this company has been fantastic. My partner was very happy to wake up to flowers being delivered at 7am, before she left to go for work. She remarked how beautiful and romantic the flowers were.
I will certainly use this company again.


pink flowers

Product: AF2001 Vase of Pink Lilies & Roses
Posted By: marcel Aerts
Good service
On time
Beautiful flowers
Nice picture from my girlfriend with the flowers , I recieved in my mailbox



delivery perfect

Product: AF1004 Red Roses
Posted By: fredo
thanks very much for the delivery in restaurant, beautifull flower too


Delivered As Promised!

Product: AF1009 Red Roses Delivery
Posted By: Peter
My lady friend had just, without telling me, been released from hospital. I wanted to acknowledge this and show my support for her quickly.I found
this service on Google from Australia and they delivered within hours. Great work!


Perfect Again

Product: AF2019 You're Special
Posted By: N/A
Well done. Even though I sent the wrong phone contact, the flowers still managed to arrive at the correct location and on time. My sister-in-law loved the flowers !!


Beautiful and On Time

Product: AF3016 Sentimental Journey
Posted By: Matthew Jones
Mother-in-law very happy. Thank you again for your prompt service.


Great service like always.

Product: 813S White And Green Funeral Wreath
Posted By: Kate
Great service like always, but next time, please deliver at the time closest to the time specified in my remark :)


Absolutely Perfect!

Product: AF2003 Vase of Pink Roses
Posted By: S
Beautiful flowers, on time delivery! Nice touch with providing a picture of recipient when delivered! I'm glad I found you and will use you again (my teeruk was very happy).


Very Happy

Product: AF1004 Red Roses
Posted By: N/A
Flowers on time as always...my wife always happy to see them hand delivered...the emailed picture at time of delivery always great to see - khob khun na krub.



great service.

Product: AF1037 Sweet Love
Posted By: Raymond Ballard
I would like to thank Flowers to Thailand very much for helping me keep a beautiful Thai lady happy when she is not well or her birthday. I live 1000`s of miles from her, always delivered on time and always I can send message with Flowers. also so easy to pay and send on day wanted. thank you so much . Mr R B


Excellent Choice!

Product: AF1021 Florist Selection Hand Bouquet
Posted By: Scott Watson
Leave it up to them to select the perfect mix of colors, smells, and beauty! As always, extremely excited to use this service. Do not hesitate to give this bouquet a try!


Very Big

Product: AF1015 Pink Lilies Hand Bouquet
Posted By: Scott Watson
The flowers were very bright and were a lot bigger then expected. My wife especially loved this bouquet because of the unique beauty of the flowers! Very nice!


Very Beautiful!

Product: AF1004 Red Roses
Posted By: Scott Watson
The flowers were wrapped very well, and were fresh. Bright colors, and smelled wonderful I was told. As always, I am very happy with my purchase, and will continue to use this service exclusively from the excellent service!


Great Service!

Product: AF33 Love At First Sight
Posted By: Scott Watson
As always, great service. I have never been let down. Always on time, and very nice to my wife. I deeply appreciate them doing what I can't do because I am so far away right now. Amazing!


Very Delicious!

Product: AF5105 Chocolate Cake
Posted By: Scott Watson
Very delicious cake I am told! Moist, sweet, and beautiful. Fantastic service as always! I ordered another cake, but was not available and they did an excellent job of communicating to me and solving the problem. I always pick this company, for the best service!


Good Efficient Service

Product: AF3027 Uber Majestic
Posted By: John
Efficient, got the right flowers to the right person at the right day. Well done and thank you


Happy again

Product: AF1037 Sweet Love
Posted By: Matt
Flowers turned up on time...very happy wife again !


Colourful flowers

Product: AF1033 Gerbera Hand Bouquet
Posted By: michael
Fastest delivery and best service. Great picture -Well informative.


Well done

Product: AF1009 Red Roses Delivery
Posted By: N/A
Flowers delivered at very short notice...always nice to see the picture of my wife and daughter receiving the flowers...khob khun na krub.


Excellent service as usual!

Product: 804S White Flowers Funeral Wreath
Posted By: Kate
Fast delivery and accurate. Perfect!




Product: AF1037 Sweet Love
Posted By: N/A
Have sent flowers a number of times to my wife using this service - every time on time and my wife always loves the flowers when she receives them.



Product: 823L Funeral Wreath
Posted By: Kate
Easy ordering process, fast delivery, and especially the email notification, gotta say I really love your service!


Outstanding Service.

Product: 805S Fresh Flowers Funeral Wreath
Posted By: Kate
Flowertothailand is currently my first choice of ordering flowers for many occasions and they never fails to impress me and the receivers :)

Fast delivery with high quality!



Product: AF2000 Vase of Red Roses
Posted By: Ben
The order process and the customer service response was fast. The flowers look great and my gf loved it. There were a few dark marks on the flowers but overall it was very good. I will order from them again without hesitation.


Beautiful and on-time delivery

Product: AF2003 Vase of Pink Roses
Posted By: Kate
Best service as always :)


The best flower delivery service ever!

Product: AF3024 Golden Sunshine
Posted By: Rachel
This is my second time ordering from flower to thailand and this will not be the last. Delivery is prompt and updates on order status are frequent. I highly recommend this flower delivery service! Thank you flowertothailand!


Perfect flowers and on-time delivery

Product: AF2003 Vase of Pink Roses
Posted By: Kate
I'm a big fan of FlowertoThailand ever since my first order.
Your service brings happiness to the sick person in the hospital, and they can smile because of your flowers, therefore you should be proud :)

Thank you for great and quick service as always!




Product: AF1035 Finest Roses
Posted By: N/A
Flowers were beautiful and right on time.


Definite choice if looking for a romantic bouquet

Product: AF1037 Sweet Love
Posted By: Pavel C
Usually I don't give roses to my girlfriend, but this bouquet is really nice and I decided to go with it. Was not a mistake - my partner loved it. Both the look and the fragrance are pleasant.




Product: AF1037 Sweet Love
Posted By: N/A

I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful flowers you delivered to my girlfriend, they were absolutely beautiful!

I will use you again, definitely

Many Thanks


great job!

Product: AF5113 Royal Chocolate Cake
Posted By: N/A
Though it did not arrive as pictured, it was still a beautiful and delicious cake. I ordered it from the US and the recipient recieved it on time in BKK. Great job!


Thai Flowers

Product: AF1037 Sweet Love
Posted By: Bruce
My girl loved the flowers and sent me a picture of her with them. They were delivered on time and were fresh. Her mother on the other hand could not understand why I spent so much money on flowers. (ha)


teddy bear

Product: T9...18-inch Teddy Bear...+499 Baht
Posted By: N/A
lovely cuddly teddy bear


Great service at "local" costs

Product: AF1001 Two Dozen Roses
Posted By: MC
I rated this service as " stars (best)" because:

1)flowertothailand.com delivered the flowers on time (even though my anniversary was on a Sunday)

2) the price was lower (1/2) than any international service

3) their response to the order was prompt and polite, the delivery on time and polite as well


nice flowers

Product: AF1018 Yellow Gerbera Hand Bouquet
Posted By: bart
nice flowers!good delivery!thanks


Very Happy

Product: AF1001 Two Dozen Roses
Posted By: N/A
Flowers were beautiful, my wife loved them, they were delivered right on time (very early in the morning !!)....and I loved the photo that was emailed back to me to show my very happy wife holding the flowers that morning....very special.


Very Beautiful Roses

Product: AF1000 100 Roses
Posted By: N/A
The roses were beautiful and very well presented. They were delivered on time, and my wife was very happy when she received them.


My friend loved it

Product: AF3007 Basket of Mixed Roses
Posted By: Pim
Great delivery & nice product.


Easy & on time!

Product: 802L Funeral Flowers Wreath
Posted By: Kate
This is my second time ordering with Flower to Thailand and I am very satisfy with the order.
The process is easy and convenient. I personally love the mobile platform, very user-friendly. I have also recommended the site to my acquaintance.


Thank you

Product: AF1009 Red Roses Delivery
Posted By: Ray B.
I am in England and I found out a very good Lady friend of mine in Thailand had just come out of Hospital I found your site from Google and found it was so EASY to get some flowers to Thailand . I ordered Red Roses for her and sent a message with them to arrive next day . FANTASTIC I had a photo sent to me showing the lady and the Roses with her she looked so so happy . Thank you for your help . will always use you . RGB


Hands down the best flower delivery service

Product: AF2003 Vase of Pink Roses
Posted By: Rachel Sng
The processing was quick even though I ordered two days before the expected delivery date. Flowers were in excellent condition and communication regarding the status of the delivery was great. I even got an email with a picture of the flowers attached. I am thoroughly impressed with their service.


Nice flowers, but not to good deliveryservice

Product: AF1037 Sweet Love
Posted By: J.E.S.
The flowers and the teddybear was rather nice. But the shop whom was supposed to delivers to my boyfriends workingaddress did not do so because it was to far from the shop. They called my boyfriend instead and asked him to come and pick up the flowers.
I will not buy from this company again.


Great Service, best flowers

Product: AF1004 Red Roses
Posted By: Mike
Huge flowers so beautiful. Fast service. Very impression. I would recommend this service to everyone


Great for present!

Product: AF5107 Layered Coffee and Almond Cake
Posted By: Jenny
The cake looks beautiful and tastes great. It was also delivered on time.


Highly Satisfied

Product: AF1033 Gerbera Hand Bouquet
Posted By: Kate
On time delivery with a very good quality bouquets. It is very good to update the customer about the delivery status until the good has been delivered with picture. I sure will come back for the service again!


Good service

Product: AF1027 White Roses Delivery
Posted By: Camille
I did not see the flowers in real because it was sent to a friend. However the service was good and attentive. I ordered from abroad and it went smoothly. I did not get that I could order online on your website. I will know for next time.


overall good

Product: AF5101 Blueberry Cheese Cake
Posted By: Xerno Caxon
It was good but somewhat different as shown in the pic.But Shipping was best part as it reached faster than i thought.I don't know about the taste cause it was gift for someone and i habnt tasted it but seem like it was good.Overall it was good.


Good cake, good service

Product: AF5113 Royal Chocolate Cake
Posted By: D
There was a little story, they said the recipient was not home, which I was sure someone was home whole day, but anyways, I am very happy with Ice's service, she responded very fast and provided solutions. The cake was good, I was told it's from Intercon. Overall I am happy, and will revisit.


Very nice combination of flowers with reliable delivery

Product: AF1025 Roses & Gerbera Hand Bouquet
Posted By: Pavel C
This bouquet has a really nice combination of flowers with colors complimenting each other. Delivered product had the exact resemblance with the bouquet on the photo (it even looks better in real).
Delivery service was punctual and delivered this beautiful bouquet right on time.

I recommend strongly to use this website for flower gifts not only if you are outside Thailand, but also staying in Thailand.


Fast, excellent service!

Product: AF1004 Red Roses
Posted By: Aron
Even though I made the order late at night thai time, they were able to deliver it early in the morning before she went to visit her mother!

Then they emailed me a picture of her holding the huge bouquet, looked at lot better then I imagined, she was surprised and happy. You get a lot for your money.


Great Christmas Gift!

Product: AF2005 Vase of Gerbera & Carnations
Posted By: Tomas
These flowers were very well received. And Flowers of Thailand even went so far as to write out the rather long note to be attached to the flowers. I would recommend them to anyone, and will be definitely using them again in the future.


Ordered from USA

Product: AF3002 Basket of White & Pink Roses
Posted By: Edward
I work in the USA and I am away from my wife for long periods of time. My good friends from Flowerto thailand.com always help me out with my last minute orders. The flowers are wonderful



Product: AF1004 Red Roses
Posted By: David
The flowers were very beautiful and I was impressed by your great customer service! Thanks a lot!



Product: AF2010 Fresh Flowers in A Vase
Posted By: mik
thumbs up, that was great, thank you


Black Forest Cake Beautifully done

Product: AF5100 Black Forest Cake
Posted By: Kasem
This cake was shared by 10 people - it was the most delicous cake I tasted/sample in all of Bangkok. I would recommend this cake product to everyone who wants to impress you guests as well as having a great tasting cake


Excellent Services

Product: AF2003 Vase of Pink Roses
Posted By: N/A
Excellent services on delivery.


Grate Service but the product could be improve.

Product: AF1028 Pink Roses & Carnations Hand Bouquet
Posted By: N/A
The flower was delivered on a timely manner. Having the ability to schedule the delivery time is a big plus. On the bad side, the flower quickly wither even when placed in an air-conditioned room. And the wrapping was poorly done.


Nice product

Product: AF2001 Vase of Pink Lilies & Roses
Posted By: Oliver
Product was nice but I saw on pictures (looks like flowers was little old) received that 2-3 ilies had some yellow colors - when was the "package" done?
Otherwise everything was fine.